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DeadSimpleSaving presents...

 Expat Investing Academy Program
Plan, Save & Invest
Learn the A-Z of how to plan, save and invest sensibly for your future, so you never have to rely on others again - true Financial Independence!
ALL the essentials and practical tips to get you started with confidence.

15 hours of short video lessons & guides (lifetime access) to watch in your own time.
Plus two months of fb sessions and weekly live expert Q&A academy support from me!
No prior knowledge required. Whether you are 25 with a paycut or 58 with 2 years to retirement, now is the time to take control of your money.
UAE, GCC, Singapore, Hong Kong... this course is for residents/citizens of any country.
Every attendee I've spoken to has loved Steve's course.
He's making a difference.

Andrew Hallam, author of Millionaire Expat
Steve Cronin expat financial independence vanguard ishares invest
14 hours of short video lessons (lifetime access)
Workbooks, tools, guides & quizzes
Weekly live group Q&A with me (2 months)
Daily interaction with me & fb community

See FAQ below for more information

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The best course on investing for expats. I was truly lucky to encounter it before starting our family's investment journey (especially considering how convincing those financial advisers sound, approaching from everywhere). I sincerely recommend this course to everyone to learn about simple, low-cost, DIY investments. Steve, I plan to send you a letter in 15 years after calculating how much money your course and advice saved our family :) Elena - Russian expat
Transformational and life-changing. I recommend this programme to everyone. Plus it's the perfect gift for a loved one who wants to do the right thing with their finances but doesn't know how. It's the roadmap needed in a world where access to clear and direct information on how to achieve Financial Independence is simply not available. The impact of this movement will benefit many families for generations to come. Kelly - UK expat
I've done a few online courses in the last few years and now I'm certain this course is the one I loved the most. It was super relevant, very well structured, and covered all aspects of investing without over complicating things. I really enjoyed Steve's delivery, he was very professional, knowledgeable and I particularly liked his tone of voice. He speaks so clearly, in fact you could actually improve your British English if you watch his videos multiple times. Nazira, Kazakh expat
Now you know what is possible,
make it happen for you
Too many people know about Financial Independence but don't do anything about it. You know what needs to be done. Let us help you turn the theory into reality.

Planning, Saving & Investing are all simple. But for expats the devil is in the details. Do fund managers want to help you directly? No. Do banks want you to transfer your money cheaply? No. There are thousands of funds out there and... what if you move back home? Where can you even keep your cash safely? What about inflation?

You could spend months researching and getting paralysed, or you could jump in and grind to a halt at the first hurdle.

We have helped thousands of expats and so we know where people get stuck. The Expat Planning , Saving & Investing Course is designed to help you blast through every single roadblock. Learn what really works in a friendly and supportive environment.

You can watch each of the 140+ bite-size videos in your own time and complete the Excel planner and workbooks so you have a record of your investment plan as it develops. You can join us live for weekly Q&A sessions for 2 months to answer all your questions, and meet other like-minded expats to share ideas and encouragement in our community.

By the end of the course you will know how much money you need to be financially independent, how long it will take you, how much cash you need to set aside, what to invest the rest in and how to buy the funds you need! You will be confident and in control of your financial destiny for the first time. There's no better feeling.

What to Expect

Our courses are designed to give you the information and support you need, keeping things simple and engaging. Each video covers a specific topic, so you can squeeze it in before dinner or binge-watch on the sofa Netflix-style. Some videos teach you the essentials, others give you step-by-step demonstrations of our tools or a brokerage platform.

You will have tools, surveys and quizzes to make sure you have a good understanding and can feel your progress. Then the workbooks help you consolidate your learning, reflect on your own situation and put together a solid investment plan for your own money. You'll be able to refine and refer back to it over the years, a stress-reducing source of stability in uncertain times.

We'll be with you every step of the way! Each week of the course for 2 months we will host a group Q&A session to answer ALL of your questions live. You'll also join our facebook community group to get live insights from us and our expert guests regularly, and to support each other through the course.

Based on our tried-and-tested process for helping expats like you:

Expat Planning & Saving  (7 hours)

1. Introduction

  • ​​​Learn why expats struggle with their finances and what to do about it
  • Meet Steve to understand his background and mission
  • ​​Find out how to make the most of this course

2. Financial Independence

  • ​Learn how money can work for you or against you
  • ​Get clear on your intention for your future self and your money, to avoid drifting
  • ​Discover the simple formula for Financial Independence and the steps to getting there

3. Planning Your Future

  • Learn about the Pillars of FI and the different paths you can take
  • Understand the various steps along the FI journey and which level you want to aim for
  • ​Find out about real people who reached FI and how they did it
  • Plan out how you will reach Financial Independence​ and why​​

4. Mindset

  • ​​Discover the investing mistakes that can ruin your finances and why you need to keep your brain away from your investing
  • ​Explore the biases that stop us from investing effectively and how to overcome them
  • ​Understand your personality traits and how they can help or hinder your journey to FI
  • ​Reshape your thinking and clear out your psychological baggage around money from your family, culture and past
  • ​Find out where to get the right kind of information and support

5. Current Finances

  • ​​Discover the concepts of Net Worth and Monthly Savings Rate, and why they are so useful to track
  • ​Meet our amazing Financial Planner tool in Excel, which will help you pull together all your financials and calculate your goals
  • ​Track your assets, liabilities, income and expenses all in one place
  • ​Calculate your Net Worth and Monthly Savings Rate to establish a baseline. Are you on track?

6. Setting Your Target

  • ​Plan your ideal retirement location and living expenses
  • ​Discover how to calculate the size of investment portfolio you will need to cover your retirement expenses
  • ​Find out how to link your real estate and pensions into your retirement planning
  • ​Learn how to get stable income from your investment portfolio, even during market crashes, so you never run out of money​

7. Reaching Your Target

  • ​Understand the most efficient ways to reach your target for Financial Independence faster than you ever thought possible
  • ​Learn why you must avoid complex and expensive savings plans
  • ​Di​scover the framework for making financial and life decisions without stress, emotion or arguments

8. Savings Rate

  • ​Find out why your monthly savings rate has a huge impact on your time to FI and how high it should really be
  • Learn how to boost your income at work and through side hustles
  • ​Discover why reducing your expenses is so hard and how to do it sustainably without making you miserable
  • ​Figure out which approach to budgeting will work best for you

9. Debt

  • ​​Find out why you need a credit card, why cards can be dangerous and how to manage them properly
  • ​Learn how to check your credit score and why it is important
  • ​Find out how car loans and mortgages can cause problems
  • ​Understand when to pay off your debt and when not to

10. Cash Safety Nets

  • ​​​Determine how much cash you need as a buffer to get through difficult times, and in which countries/currencies to put it
  • ​Find out how to plan for major expenditures in the years ahead
  • ​Learn how to assign all your cash a purpose, so you can invest far more than your ever thought possible
  • ​Understand inflation and how to adjust your target investment portfolio to account for it

11. Goal-Setting (using Financial Planner tool)

  • ​​​Calculate how much cash you need for buffers, debt payoff etc.
  • ​Calculate how much excess cash you can invest upfront and how much you can invest regularly (may be more than you think!)
  • ​Calculate your living expenses in retirement and how much will need to be covered  by your stock & bond portfolio
  • ​Calculate your target portfolio size adjusted for inflation and your time to retirement/FI
  • Run scenarios to see how various assumptions and decisions will impact your time to retirement/FI

Expat Investing  (7 hours)

1. Introduction

  • ​​​Learn why expat investing seems so hard
  • ​Meet Steve to understand his background and mission
  • ​​Find out how to make the most of this course

2. Asset Classes

  • ​​​Discover the main asset classes and compare their features
  • ​Find out what should be in your core retirement portfolio and what should not
  • Learn how to safely invest in 'fun stuff' if you really have to

3. Stocks: The Essentials

  • Understand stocks, dividends and exchanges
  • ​Learn how stock indexes work, and why they are so useful for long-term investing
  • Discover why passive index investing beats active investing and is cheaper too!
  • ​Find out why most investors under-perform the market and what you can do to avoid this with only 4 hours per year
  • ​Discover the 3 keys to sensible long-term, low-cost stock index investing and how you can reduce the risks so it isn't 'gambling'
  • ​Understand why it is so important to avoid 'long-term savings plans' sold by financial advisors and what to do about them

4. Stock Funds

  • Find out how index funds work
  • ​Learn about mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • ​Discover the perfect stock ETF for most expats and its key features
  • ​​Determine what you should do with your fund dividends at different stages of your life
  • ​Encounter the big risks of investing in the wrong ETFs and how to completely avoid them
  • Understand which taxes expats need to worry about and how to minimise them by choosing the right ETFs
  • ​Assess which currency to invest in for your stock fund and whether it makes a difference
  • ​Find out whether you should invest in your home country and how
  • ​Learn about how sustainable (ESG) investing works and which ESG funds to buy if you want this
  • ​​​​Practice screening the many thousands of ETFs out there to find exactly the one you need

5. Bonds & Bond Funds

  • Learn how bonds work (without the boring bits)
  • ​Find out why bond funds are so useful for downside protection and what kind will protect you the best
  • ​Discover why currency is more important for bond funds and how to allocate between currencies
  • ​Select the right bond fund for you, based on your needs

6. Allocation & Timing

  • ​Build your two-fund portfolio (yes just two!), which is probably all you will ever need
  • ​​​Discover how to allocate your money between stocks and bonds, and how that changes over time​
  • ​​​​​Learn how and how often to rebalance your portfolio, now and in retirement
  • ​​Find the right balance between lump sum investing and regular investing, so a lump sum doesn't seem so scary

7. How To Invest

  • ​​Discover the process for investing as an expat, plus how to set it up end-to-end to minimise fees and maximise safe efficiency
  • ​​Find out the role of the offshore brokerage, which ones accept expats and decide which one is best for you
  • ​Learn how you are protected (or not) if one of the providers in your investing process collapses
  • ​Find out how to fill in the broker's application so you get accepted with the right kind of account
  • Discover how overseas transfers actually work and where you can end up losing money
  • Learn how to transfer your money to your brokerage quickly and cheaply, in a way your broker will accept
  • ​​Decide whether to invest monthly or less often and why
  • ​Review what you must consider when moving country and how to avoid any unnecessary taxes

8. Brokerage Guides

  • Fill out the application form step-by-step (some non-obvious bits)
  • ​Find your way around the Client Portal
  • ​Review your settings
  • Deposit money
  • Withdraw money
  • ​Make a stock/bond ETF trade
  • ​Make a currency trade

Expat Investing Academy Program

Available now


How this course could make you an extra $100k-500k!

Let's say you invest $2000 per month for 25 years. In a long-term savings plan or bank savings account, let's assume 3% growth to be very generous: you will have turned your $600k into $894k. After this course, you invest aiming to make 7% per year and keep fees down to 1%: you'll have $1.4 million - that's an extra 500k for a great retirement! Even if we just teach you how to save an extra 0.5% on fees each year, we'll still help you make an extra 100k! That's a 168x return on the cost of this course :)
Because of your course and how you have taught me, I have managed to invest $40,000 since April 2020! I am so happy and I can't believe it.
Honestly, you have changed my life (my mum is so thankful to you too).

Hazel, UK expat
Probably the most important course of my life. I look forward to investing as soon as possible using what I've learnt.

Julian, South African expat
One of the best things I've ever done.
The course is awesome!

Alison, UK expat

Frequently-Asked Questions

Is this a 2-day workshop?
No, the course has 14 hours of short (3-15 minute) video lessons you can watch in your own time. You can binge them all at once or watch one per day on your laptop, tablet or phone.

How long do we have access to the video lessons for?
Forever. Plus I will update them and add new ones.

What's in a video lesson?
Each video covers a specific topic over 3-15 minutes. Sometimes it's me talking to you directly, very often I have images, charts or diagrams to illustrate each concept as clearly as possible. Then below each video are some questions for you to think about, which you can answer in your workbook.

What if the information becomes out of date?
Most of our recommendations are timeless and designed to work in any life or stock market situation. Other information, especially brokerage prices, change frequently. We will update videos or make a note when things change, and we keep on top of the latest fees etc.

What if I have a question?
You will have access to live Q&A sessions and a dedicated facebook group community for a month on joining. We will hold live Q&A sessions at least once per week. You can submit your questions in advance and also ask questions on the day. We will record each session in case you miss it.

I will also be live in the facebook community group almost every day answering more questions, adding more colour to the lessons and discussing what's happening in the world (in the context of expat investing). We want ALL questions to be answered, even ones you think are stupid (they won't be, we love 'stupid' questions).

I know nothing about investing, is this course for me?
YES, we assume no prior knowledge. We will teach you everything you need to know, in a really clear and simply way, and help you when you get stuck. I passionately believe that anybody can learn how to invest by themselves - we've helped thousands of people do exactly that.

I know how to trade stocks, is this course for me?
YES. We will show you have to invest in a sensible way that will grow your retirement fund hugely over the long term and free up your time away from the markets, to spend with your family and earning money. Also we will show you the varieties of funds that you must avoid to prevent a large tax bill, as well as how to optimise many other parts of your investing process.

I'm an expat living in X country and from Y country, is this course for me?
Yes, it doesn't matter which country you live in or where you come from. There are many universal lessons that need to be applied. We can also go into the details of funds, currencies, transfers relevant to your home country.

We can't get into the tax specifics of each country (except perhaps the UK), but there are some general rules that will help you deal with tax in any home country. We specifically talk about what to do when moving home or to another expat country.

We have had many expats from UK, Europe, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the US join our workshops.

I'm a US expat, is this course for me?
Yes, with some caveats. We will show you how to think about investing and how to minimise risk, what funds to invest in, how to open a brokerage platform and how to transfer money. We won't deal specifically with the US tax system for US expats, or cover Roth IRA strategies etc, though we can certainly point you in the right direction to learn more about those! We will do our best to answer any non-tax questions you have in the Q&A also.

Are you affiliated with any financial services companies?
NO. There are so many commission-driven financial advisors in expatworld giving bad advice to get money out of you. I do not have any affiliation with any financial services companies and I don't receive commission or kickbacks from anyone.

That's the way I like it, because it allows me to be honest and transparent about what works and what doesn't, with no conflicts of interest. If I recommend a company, it's because they are effective and inexpensive. Often, I use these companies for my own investing.

Will this course give me personalised financial advice?
No, this course is for your education. What you decide to do with it is entirely up to you and we are not liable for any financial results. No part of the course should be seen as personalised financial advice, including answers to questions. However, we will give you frameworks and guidelines that will be hugely valuable for making your own financial decisions. We practise what we teach with our own investing and we want you to avoid the mistakes we made before.

Why are you teaching expat investing?
I found the lack of information and the frequent disinformation about expat investing very frustrating. With my background in psychology and financial services, including advising funds with billions of dollars, I have made it my mission to help expats learn how to invest simply and sensibly. No expat left behind!

2024 - now is the time to learn how to invest properly!

The past few years have been rough on everybody. You may be waiting to sort out your finances until you have a (better) job, can leave the house again without catching the plague, have time to go through your expenses etc. Don't wait. It's important to get a grip on your current situation so things don't get worse and it's important to plan for your future, ready for when things get better.

We'll give you everything you need to start taking control of your money.

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