Live in Dubai: Saving & Budgeting Workshop
(and Manage Your Debt Masterclass)
with Steve Cronin & Alison Soltani

Sunday 29 January 2023, 11am-4pm (with 1pm lunch break)
10-11am optional Manage Your Debt Masterclass

~ Do you want to get your money together, but you don’t know where to start?
~ Do you carry debt that you just can’t seem to get on top of?
~ Do you find there’s always something that crops up and prevents you from saving?
~ Do you have savings goals but can’t seem to reach them?
~ Have you tried budgeting before but haven’t been able to stick to it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you.
Practical, friendly & supportive, we ready to turn you into a financial superstar.

Steve Cronin

I have been lucky to help tens of thousands of expats across the world save & invest by themselves on their way to financial independence.

"I don't want to manage your money.
I want you to manage your money!"

"I'm really pleased to bring you this workshop with Alison - a saving & budgeting genius. She's organised and creative, always finding new ways to cut costs and stay on track without sacrificing happiness."
Over to Alison...

Over the years, I’ve realised that effective money management is the thing that gives people the most empowerment, autonomy and fulfillment no matter their income level, career or lifestyle.

To have control of your money is to have choices over your life. As a teacher and mother, I wanted more financial security for my children. I now have 4 figures invested for both children, and their portfolios are growing every month!

Ask yourself how your life could change if you had control over your finances? Now it’s possible with our Saving & Budgeting workshop!

The workshop has 3 steps, designed to help you to create a budget you will stick to! This is more than just a budgeting tool – it’s a lifestyle change.

 1. We learn how to track expenses and create categories to ensure that no spending is surprising! You will actually do this live with your own expenses (confidentially)
2. Through a mixture of values-based budgeting and zero-based budgeting, you'll create a realistic and accurate budget, assigning every dirham a duty. You'll do this live too.

 3. We'll give you lots of practical tools, templates and tips for staying motivated towards your goals, tracking your progress towards across the months, evaluating your performance and boosting your savings rate. Then we'll answer all your questions.

Your Excel budget manager contains everything you need to budget for an entire year – 12 monthly budget templates and expense calculators, a sinking funds calculator and tracker, a detailed yearly expenses page, an annual savings rate table and an interactive dashboard, with charts displaying your income, spending, savings and savings rate.

"This has been a complete life changer. The step-by-step guidance has allowed me to make sense of my finances and order them in a way that is manageable and sustainable. I would highly recommend the course regardless of how far behind you feel you are when it comes to savings and investments. I have no doubt it will bring you value and allow you to see how your money can bring about a world of opportunities if managed correctly."
- Zaynab, teacher in UAE

Meet Your Coaches
Steve Cronin
Steve is a financial independence coach and the founder of, a board member of SimplyFI and regular contributor to The National's Debt Panel. He runs workshops & courses for individuals and corporates.

Alison Soltani
Alison is a teacher, financial coach, founder of and money columnist for The National. She's a saving & budgeting expert and proof that you don't need a fancy salary to grow your investments.
Optional Extra: Manage Your Debt Masterclass with Steve Cronin, 10-11am
Debt is a big part of many people's lives here. Whether you earn 10k or 100k per month, if you're up to your neck in debt then your money is going to be working against you rather than for you. 

Having written for The National's Debt Panel for years, I have really seen it all, and I've been forced to think deeply about how people can manage their debt effectively.

 Whether your debt is cheap and stable or expensive and spiralling out of control, this informative and practical 1-hour masterclass is for you. I'd like to teach you how to:

• Find the right loans and credit cards, while avoiding traps
• Understand the benefits and challenges of cards and ‘buy now pay later’ deals
• Learn how to manage both cheap debt and expensive debt
• Discover ways to get out of debt fast if you need to

Not everyone has debt, so I'm making this an optional extra session you can join in the morning before the Saving & Budgeting Workshop starts. Debt and saving are strongly linked, so the two sessions will fit together nicely. See you there!

Saving & Budgeting Workshop

Saving & Budgeting Workshop with Manage Your Debt Masterclass

397 AED

497 AED

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