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My heart broke when my local client said she had trusted the advisor at her bank because it was the national bank, which should be on the side of the people. And my poor heart had barely recovered from the weekly tales of commission-driven advisors and greedy banks pushing credit cards and expensive long-term savings plans.

The expat world of personal finance is swarming with bad guys, incompetent guys, lazy guys and talented guys led astray by the chance to earn a quick buck - from you. They have the ad budgets, the networks, the support in high places and, mysteriously, the ability to find and call you within a week of you arriving in the country.

Enough I say! There are good guys out there, patiently showing people how they can take control of their financial lives by themselves. If we can get the good guys in one place, we can reach more people and push back against the relentless forces of rubbish personal finance.

So here we are... the first festival of The Good Guys... just for you. Learn from scratch or get updates on the latest thinking. Come and join us!

Meet the Good Guys

Steve Cronin
Steve is a financial independence coach and the founder of, a board member of SimplyFI and regular contributor to The National's Debt Panel. He runs workshops & courses for individuals and corporates.

Demos Kyprianou
Demos is an occupational psychologist, a board member of SimplyFI and regular co-host of DeadSimpleSaving's Expat Saving & Investing Weekend Workshops.
Andrew Hallam
Andrew is the author of Millionaire Teacher, Millionaire Expat and Balance. He's one of the original good guys, who has helped thousands of people around the world to save & invest sensibly and avoid being scammed. He's a great communicator and the real deal, having built his fortune by investing his expat teacher's salary.
Tuan Phan
Tuan is a meteorologist by trade (that's weather to you and me) but he's also probably the most knowledgeable expat personal finance guru in the UAE and a board member of SimplyFI.
Sebastién Aguilar
Sebastién is the founder of SimplyFI and FIRE Belgium. He retired at 33 after 7 years of being an expat, saving hard and investing regularly. Now he shows people how to do the same and how to live a life of freedom and impact.
Alison Soltani
Alison is a teacher, financial coach, founder of and money columnist for The National. She's a saving & budgeting expert and proof that you don't need a fancy salary to grow your investments.
Elie Irani
Elie is the founder of and a board member of SimplyFI.  You can't post a financial question on social media without Elie answering it in under 10 minutes, though he doesn't put up with any nonsense!

Marilyn Pinto
Marilyn is a financial educator for teens and the founder of KFI Global. She's helped over 3500 teenagers learn how to make smart money decisions so that they don't make the same mistakes as their parents...
1 Becoming Financially Independent
1.1 Survive 2023 and learn the essentials of expat financial independence (Steve)
1.2 Reaching financial independence & living life afterwards (Sebastien)
1.3 Retire like a multi-millionaire, even when you aren't (Andrew Hallam)
2 Money Mindset
2.1 Survive 2023 and learn the essentials of expat financial independence (Steve)
2.2 Understanding your money mindset and brain biases (Demos)
2.3 How to get your kids to think about money (Marilyn)
3 Planning & Saving
3.1 Saving & budgeting effectively without being miserable (Alison)
3.2 What kind of insurance is worth it? (Demos)
3.3 Moving country without losing money (Steve)
4 Investing
4.1 Exchange-Trade Funds (ETFs) I have loved and not loved (Elie)
4.2 Minimise the cost of transfers and investing - latest updates, including AED transfers if you live in UAE (Tuan)
4.3 Bad investments and getting your money back: pensions, portfolio bonds & savings plans (Steve Major & Tuan)
4.4 Panel: Scare Stories - the death of bonds, 60/40, reserve currencies, gold etc.
4.5 Q&A - everyone's burning questions answered        

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