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DUBAI LIVE: All About Expat Investing Workshop
Sunday 24 September 2023
10am-5.30pm in central Dubai (with a break for lunch)
All expats & nationals welcome. Limited spaces...

Steve Cronin

I have been lucky to help tens of thousands of expats across the world save & invest by themselves on their way to financial independence.

"I don't want to manage your money.
I want you to manage your money!"

My workshops are always fun, friendly, informative & practical.
I like to keep things simple and show that anyone can invest. Even you!

We welcome beginners and people at all stages of their financial journey. Join us for a friendly, well-paced, entertaining & interactive workshop - ask all your questions and meet fellow expats interested in investing. We'll go through the basics, the essentials and all the practical tips you need to manage your own money with confidence.

PLUS you get access to the full content afterwards in short videos by topic, with extra info, tools and workbooks, so you can revisit areas and stay fully up-to-date.

Learn directly from people who know what it's like to live, work & invest as an expat. We don't run live online workshops very often, so don't miss this opportunity!

UPDATE: pay in 3 monthly instalments IF you are having cashflow issues - lots of people are struggling at the moment. Get the knowledge and support you need to turn your investing life around, all in one day.
Message us (email address on next page) to arrange the instalment plan at no extra cost.

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Every attendee I've spoken to has loved Steve's workshop.
He's making a difference.

Andrew Hallam, author of Millionaire Expat
"The most transformational and life-changing workshop I have ever attended. Steve's knowledge and comprehensive content, delivered with genuine consideration, makes this the best day of personal development I have ever spent.
I recommend this programme to everyone. Plus it's the perfect gift for a loved one who wants to do the right thing with their finances but doesn't know how.

The workshop is the roadmap needed in a world where access to clear and direct information on how to achieve Financial Independence is simply not available. The impact of this movement will benefit many families for generations to come." Kelly & Samir, UAE
Now you know what is possible,
make it happen for you
Too many people know about investing but don't do anything about it. You know what needs to be done. Let us help you turn the theory into reality.

Investing is simple. But for expats, the devil is in the details. Do fund managers want to help you directly? No. Do banks want you to transfer your money cheaply? No. There are thousands of funds out there and... what if you move back home?

You can spend months researching and getting paralysed, or you can rush in and fall at the first hurdle.

We have helped tens of thousands of expats, rich and poor, so we know where people get stuck and how to get them unstuck. The All About Expat Investing Workshop will show you how to blast through every single problem. Learn what really works in a friendly, fun, confidential and supportive environment.

By the end of the Workshop you will know what sensible investing looks like, how to manage risk properly so investing is less scary, what to invest in to diversify your portfolio globally, how to protect against crashes, how to invest for kids if you have them, how to transfer your money cheaply & safely, then how to use a brokerage platform properly to buy the right funds.

You will be confident and in control of your financial destiny for the first time. There's no better feeling.

What to Expect

This workshop is live and in-person,in a nice hotel in central Dubai. You can ask questions throughout, meet like-minded people wanting to improve their finances and get one-on-one support when you need it.  

We provide time to share ideas, a live investing demo when the markets are open (on a weekday evening), training videos on broker account setup & investing, and surveys & quizzes to create an engaging & interactive learning experience. We have run workshops like this over 50 times, so you're in safe hands!
Expat Investing:
The What & The How
  • ​​Discover what sensible assets can be in your retirement portfolio and how to invest in 'fun stuff' if you really have to
  • ​​Understand the essentials of sensible long-term, low-cost stock index investing and ways to reduce the risks so it isn't 'gambling'
  • ​Understand stocks and stock indexes, and why they are so useful for long-term investing
  • ​Learn about mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • ​Discover why passive index investing beats active investing and is cheaper too!
  • Find out how sustainable investing works and which funds to buy if you want that
  • Learn how bonds and bond funds work, and why they are so important
  • Determine what you should do with your fund dividends at different stages of your life
  • Assess which currency to invest in for your stock funds and bond funds, based on your current and future circumstances
  • ​Encounter the big risks of investing in the wrong ETF and how to completely avoid them
  • ​​​Practice screening the many thousands of ETFs out there to find exactly the one you need
  • ​Build your two-fund (yes just two!) portfolio, which is really all you will ever need
  • ​Discover how to allocate your money between stocks and bonds, and how that changes over time
  • ​​​Learn how and how often to rebalance your portfolio, now and in retirement
  • ​Review the two types of funds for your children, what to invest in and where to put the money (not in a savings plan!)
  • Find out what to do with a lump sum investment so it isn't so scary to throw it in the market​
  • ​Understand the kinds of taxes expats are and are not exposed to
  • ​​Review what you must consider when moving country and how to avoid any unnecessary taxes
  • Discover the process for investing as an expat and how to set it up end-to-end to minimise fees and maximise safe efficiency
  • ​​Find out the role of the brokerage, which ones accept expats and decide which one is best for you
  • ​​Learn how to fill in the broker's application so you get accepted with the right kind of account
  • Find you way around the broker platform and step-by-step how to make your first trades
  • ​Learn how overseas transfers actually work and where you can end up losing money
  • Discover how to transfer your money to your brokerage quickly and cheaply, in a way your broker will accept
  • ​Decide whether to invest monthly or less often and why
  • Find out in what ways you are protected (or not) if one of the providers in your investing process collapses

All About Expat Investing workshop

- Access to live in-person workshop

- Access to optional (& recorded) evening session with live investing demo while market is open (weekday)

- Lifetime access to 6+ hour online video course with same content plus tools, templates and workbooks

- Access to Expat Investing Academy community

1200 997 AED 

How this workshop could make you an extra $500k!

Let's say you invest $2000 per month for 25 years. If you put it in a long-term savings plan or bank savings account, let's assume 3% growth. You will have turned your $600k into $894k. After this workshop, you aim to invest at 7% growth and keep fees down to 1%. You'll end up with $1.4 million - that's an extra 500k for a great retirement! And that's 1840x on your workshop cost :)

Hear from real expats
making real progress

Because of your workshop and how you have taught me, I have managed to invest $200,000 since April 2020! I am so happy and I can't believe it. Honestly, you have changed my life (my mum is so thankful to you too).

Hazel,  UK expat in GCC
Probably the most important workshop of my life.  I look forward to investing as soon as possible using what I've learnt.

Julian, South African expat in GCC
One of the best things I've ever done.
The workshop is awesome!

Alison, UK expat in GCC

I liked the 360° approach... this training will help you to get on a path to financial freedom. Probably the best training any expat can get for money management and investing.

Andy, German expat in GCC
The level of detail was exactly where it needed to be. It gave me so much confidence that after procrastinating for years, I’ve now created a broker account ready to begin my real investment journey. This is a huge step for me as I work towards early retirement. 

Iki, Australian expat  in GCC

Everything covered is backed by data. The workshop is a safe environment to ask questions about your situation and get valuable pointers. I can't recommend it enough. 

Noura, Moroccan expat in GCC
Super informative yet not overwhelming, very educational yet very practical at the same time! An empowering experience that gave me the courage and knowledge to overcome hurdles and start investing. 
I really appreciate Steve's course design, because it's digestible and concise, as well as his warm and friendly delivery style.

Sarah, Lebanese expat in GCC

2023 - now is the time to get on top of your finances!

The past couple of years have been rough on everybody. You may be waiting to start investing until you have a (better) job, or more cash, or the markets look stronger. Don't wait. It's important to get a grip on your current situation so things don't get worse, and it's important to plan for your future, ready for when things get better.

We don't run this workshop live very often, so don't miss it! We'll give you everything you need to start investing properly for your future, by yourself.

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